27 One-Hit Wonders From The '90s You Definitely Forgot About

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All you need is one good song.

The '90s were a time of great music. We had grunge, Eurodance, the emergence of rap and hip-hop in the mainstream, folksy pop, and crazy dances you won't believe. Many of these artists delivered multiple hits that are still with us today. For others, however, they could only manage to release one massive hit song during the entire decade. Yup, the '90s were a time of one-hit wonders: we had enough technology to occasionally find a weird song and promote it on the radio, but we weren't quite at the level of YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes to help blast these hits.

Why didn't these artists end up having a second hit? Maybe they weren't all that talented to begin with, or maybe they became so associated with their catchy hit song that anything else sounded weird and strange by comparison. Maybe the members of the band all hated each other and the success made them fight over creative and financial control. Who knows? Regardless, at Topix we believe that one hit song is better than zero hit songs. Especially from the '90s, which had some of the most inventive and epic music of the 20th century. Which of these '90s one-hit wonders are your favorite? Get Started