27 Singers You Never Knew Worked As Backup Singers

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They weren't always in the spotlight!

Many of the music stars we know and love had a long road to stardom before anyone knew who they were. Some stars started out singing in their church choir. Others came from a musical family. And others got started singing backup for more famous singers. Backup singing is a very important piece of any live (or studio) musical performance. Backup singers add harmony, depth, warmth, and dimension to a sung performance. Even though some singers record their own backup vocals, having a mix of voice types can create a better sound. And because backup singers have to support the lead singer, they need to be really on point with their vocals and pitch. If you've sung backup, you probably know what you're doing when it comes to singing!

While not every backup singer eventually ends up in the spotlight - many backup singers have long, impressive careers while never achieving stardom - some of your favorite music stars began their musical lives as a supporting singer for someone else. Do you know who John Legend sang backup for? What about Cher? Even Oscar-nominated actress Mary J. Blige sang backup early on in her career. Learn about which singers are good at working with others with this surprising slideshow. Get Started