Quiz: Can You Name Every One Of These 1990s Musicians?

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Is that Nirvana or Limp Bizkit?

93% of Americans can't name every one of these 1990s musicians. The 1990s were a pretty fluid time for music -- there's not all that much overlap between, for example, grunge rock and nu-metal. I mean, that's kind of a good thing in the case of nu-metal, which is a horrific nightmare genre which thankfully appears to have completely passed on in the intervening decades (disco looks extremely favorable in comparison as time has gone on), but still, you get what we're saying here. But even if the music was different, the musicians were pretty distinctive. So how many can you name from just one picture? Do you know Tupac Shakur from Biggie Smalls? How about Elton John from Trent Reznor? Or Janet Jackson from Mariah Carey? Or even Garth Brooks from Vanilla Ice? So can you name musicians of the 1990s from just an image? Do you know Michael Jackson from Marilyn Manson, which...ok, to be fair, towards the end there that might've been a bit of a tricky one, but still! You probably won't do as well as you think you will -- people are rarely as smart as they believe themselves to be when it comes to these things. Think you can prove us wrong? Take our quiz and find out! Let’s Play
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