QUIZ: Can You Identify All Of These Famous 1970s Musicians?

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Is that Elton John or David Bowie?

93% of Americans don't know all these 1970s musicians. The 1970s were a great time for music -- we can pretty much all agree on that, no matter whether you were alive during the decade or not. On the one hand, you had classic artists like Elvis Presley and The Temptations still doing their thing, even if their successes weren't quite as massive during the prior decade (or in Elvis's case, the prior two decades). On the other hand, you also had newer hit artists like Elton John, Earth, Wind & Fire, Bruce Springsteen, and KC and the Sunshine Band, groups and solo artists that are now legends but who were just getting their start during the disco decade. All told, the '70s were pretty memorable, even if somehow the most successful music artist during the entire decade was the Bee Gees (it's true, you can look it up; we didn't understand it, either). But how many hit artists can you identify from just a picture? Do you know David Bowie from Prince? Gloria Gaynor from Donna Summer? The Commodores from the Allman Brothers Band? You probably will not know do very well on this quiz; most people don't. Think you can prove us wrong? Take our quiz and find out! Let’s Play
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